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Gerard Naprous

Gerard grew up in St.Cyr s/s Dourdan near Paris where from an early age he recognized a natural understanding and affinity with horses which enabled him to train them for any task.

After more than 30 years in the Film and Show Business industries, Gerard's reputation for taking on the most difficult jobs and performing them with apparent ease, has won him respect as one of Europe's leading Horse masters, Stuntmen and Stunt Co-ordinators.

His outstanding displays of horsemanship have featured in many box office and TV. hits, such as Sharpe V., Merlin, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Rob Roy, Black Beauty, Braveheart, The Odyssey and Willow. The countless Commercials and Pop Videos are all tackled with the same degree of professionalism. So admired is his skill in training horses that three separate TV documentaries have been made on the subject.

With his beautiful Co-stars and here we mean his fabulous horses - all 60 of them - he is much in demand. Not only does his stable house those magnificent Spanish and Portuguese Stallions, most of whom are Stars in their own right, but standing right alongside are tiny ponies and massive Shires. In addition, Gerard has also amassed one of the largest private collections of Period Saddlery, Costumes and Horse drawn vehicles in Britain, so that he can be sure that when the call comes, he not only has the right horse for the part, but it will carry the correct tack or pull an appropriate carriage.

However that is not the full story - during the Summer months Gerard and his hand-picked team of Trick Riders, "The Devil's Horsemen", draw the crowds to no less than 100 Live Shows all over Europe and often even further a field. The Team offer just about every equestrian act imaginable, from the frenzied pace of the Cossack Riding to the precision and elegance of the Classical High School.