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Camilla Naprous

Camilla Naprous is the daughter of world renowned Horsemaster and Stunt Co-ordinator Gerard Naprous. Camilla has been around horses all her life and was in the saddle before she could walk, making her impression on the stunt world at the tender age of 8, performing live in front of the amazing crowds at the Horse of the Year Show, where she roman rode stood on the back of two ponies at high speed around the arena, this would have been a feat for the most experienced performer but Camilla took it all in her stride, just as she has proceeded to do through her life.

Displaying an obvious natural affinity with horses Camilla is no stranger to the film world. Her work has taken her all round Europe and she has worked with many top stars, including Val Kilmer, Jonny Lee Miller and Colin Farrell. Camilla has doubled for Piper Pablo (coyote ugly) and assisted in training Angelina Jolie for her stunts in Tomb Raider II and is currently training Natalie Portman and Scarlet Johanneson for a new Hollywood Blockbuster Movie.

Training keeps Camilla busy. Kickboxing, Diving, Swimming, Trampolining, Fencing and Rock Climbing are the disciplines she is mastering to gain her place alongside her Father Gerard and Brother Daniel in the Stunt Register.

Her gruelling training schedule has had to be worked around live shows and filming.

Camilla loves to perform before live audiences in countless shows around Britain with The Devils Horsemen. Her skill and dare devil antics has made her one of our top equestrian stunt women, in demand from both show organisers and film directors.